Open Source Software Implementation

Open Source Software Implementation

Open-source software is described as software in which the source code is publicly and freely available for anyone to inspect, modify, and enhance.

There is a number of promising reasons to use open-source software. In addition to huge savings on costs and no vendor lock-ins, the high-quality, competitive features, community support, and technical capabilities, as well as adaptability, are the main features of Open Source software and why any business should consider implementing them.

Open-source software is an ideal solution for small to medium businesses to compete with big enterprises as they can get the same level of efficiency for a fraction of the cost of proprietary software.

We offer a range of services in open source software.

At Zrilian, we offer a range of services in open source software. We offer our customers following services:

  • Analyze and plan software requirements.
  • Match and recommend open source systems to businesses, saving huge costs .
  • Open source software implementation services.
  • Maintenance and customizing open source software.
  • Open source software hosting services.