What Is Moodle

Moodle is an open-source online Learning Management System enabling educators to create their own private websites filled with dynamic courses that extend learning, any time, anywhere, with a single robust, secure, and integrated application.

Innovative Learning Outcomes

Design and manage courses to meet various requirements. Classes can be instructor-led, self-paced, blended or entirely online.

Market Reach

Moodle will allow you to reach a greater number of students irrespective of the physical location.

Multimedia Intergration

Built-in media support enables inclusion of multimedia files in the courses

Live Streaming

Instructors are able to collaborate with students via live streaming in courses.

Moodle Features


Ability to create multiple lessons within a course, with targeted content and approach, which will help students navigate the course methodically


Teachers can create assignments within courses. Students will only take minutes to submit their assignments. Once the assignments are loaded, teachers can assess, make comments, and return the graded and assessed works all within LMS.

Rich Content

You can include feature-rich content such as streaming audios and videos within courses, which will give a visually pleasing learning experience to students, to keep them engaged.

Grade book

Grading will be very easy with a customizable grade book with automated grade calculations and grading.


Ability to create quizzes with options such as Yes/No (true/False), multiple-choice, or matching options. Students will get feedback on their answers soon as they complete the quizzes.


Ability to create group Projects/Assessments to promote collaboration and team works which will assist students in sharing their knowledge.


Ability to generate reports on course-related and administrative activities with capabilities for export and print

Virtual Classroom

There are add-on features for live streaming video and audio with whiteboard interactions and screen share capabilities all within courses, where multiple students can join.

Why Choose Us

Moodle is free for anyone to use. However configuration and customisation of the Moodle instance to suit your brand is outside the common knowledge of most of the people. We possess all the necessary specialist knowledge in setting up and customization of the virtual learning environment to suit your needs. We can take care of all the technicalities so you can concentrate on what you do best, which is teaching students. Our friendly consultants will guide you through all the necessary steps for you to access all great features of Moodle including student administering, course creation, virtual class rooms and all other features. Contact us to learn more how we can assist you in your virtual learning environment setup.

Services We Offer

Complete Hosting and Implementation of Moodle VLE

Customizations and branding of Moodle

Training on Using Moodle

24/7 Web Based Technical Support

Backup and security for Moodle applications

Administering and managing Moodle instance